Monday, August 31, 2015

Another moment, I love the Perl community for...

Yesterday evening Slaven Rezić created a new issue for one of my Mojolicious plugins. He recognized that there are some FAIL reports on I already got several mails from Slaven pointing to FAIL reports for other modules. It's great that some people look at reports and create bugreports when they see a pattern for failing tests (like new versions of a dependency, failing on specific operating systems, ...).

I answered that the tests fail probably due to a new version of CLDR::Number and that I will look into this issue today. But on my way to work this morning I got a mail that there is a new Pull Request for that Mojolicious plugin. The author of CLDR::Number - Nova Patch - has fixed the failing tests. Wow! Thanks for that!

So I was made aware of a problem with my module and I got a fix by two different people within just a few hours. And all I did was sleeping ;-)

Thanks to the CPANTesters for testing my code, Slaven Rezić for the analysis of the FAIL reports and the bugreport. And thanks to Nova Patch for fixing my code.

BTW: CPANTesters is looking for help. CPANTesters helped me several times to find bugs in my code.

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