Friday, January 23, 2015

Yak-Shaving January 2015 ;-)

You might know the problem: you work on anything (let's call it "A") and then you realise that you have to work on anything else ("B") before you can finish "A". And then you realize that you have to work on yet another thing ("C") to finish "B".

I wanted to work on a bugreport for my module Task::MojoliciousPlugins::PerlAcademy. I use this module to install a working Mojolicious environment for one of my classes. But how can I know the Plugins that work on a "clean" machine? That's why I wrote a few helper scripts to generate a matrix of all (except some "blacklisted" modules) plugins for Mojolicious. And I wanted the plugins that work with the latest Perl and the latest Mojolicious. Hence another script that installs new versions of Mojolicious for all installed Perl versions.

And finally I wanted a list that is as long as possible. That's why I decided to inform the authors when a problem is reported. So I ended with ~30 Pull Requests since Jan 01st and another 12 issues reported on Github. And there are a few bugs I filed on

But now I get a few more "greens" than three weeks ago.

Contributing to Open Source is so much fun - especially when the Pull Requests where merged within a few seconds! Thanks to all maintainers!

What I've learned while doing all the stuff: I've used the MetaCPAN::Client module a lot. I didn't know anything about a lot of the modules, but then I tried to fix the issues... ;-) And tell other people about your work. After I mentioned the matrix in the #mojo channel on IRC, I got some "feature" requests within seconds and a few issues with my code were found. Thanks!

Next thing to do: automatically create a new version of my module when new plugins came to CPAN. Then I can close the RT ticket...


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